Divi Pop-Up Contact Form Layout

Adding a DIVI Contact Form in a SIMPle layout to your site

Add a Divi Contact form to any page in a pop-up style without having to install another plugin and have something not match your site.


Divi Pop-Up Contact Form is a Divi theme layout. Divi Layouts are premade page builder templates that you can use to jumpstart your design. Our one of a kind pop-up layout helps you create a unique, easy and simple way for your website visitors to contact you, fill out a form or however you want to use it.  

Now You can insert a unique contact for on your site

how to install and use

  1. Purchase the layout
  2. Remove the layout (JSON File) from the zip file
  3. Import the Layout into your Divi library
  4. Add the section to the given page
  5. Customize the Layout
  6. Add the email you want the information sent to
  7. Watch your form submissions come in

More Details

Click on the image to view it in full screen.

Import the Layout into the Divi Library

Navigate to the Divi Library, click import at the top and select the file from your computer.

Add the section to the given page

All you have to do it add the layout from your library and add it to your page. You can add it anywhere on your page, global or not.

Customize the Layout

Adjusting the Icon

Changing the Icon’s Background Color

To change the background of the Icon box you will need to navigate to the blurb module, then to background where you will change the color.

Changing the Pop-up’s Boarder

You can change the color of the outline on the blurb/Icon Box by simply going into the Blub module, Advanced, Custom CSS, Main Element, then line 12 titled border.

Adjusting the Contact Form (Title Background Color)

To change the color behind the contact form’s Title text you need to navigate to the contact form module, advanced, Custom CSS, Contact Title, background and put the desired Hex code in.

Customize your pop-up contact form today

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