“the best online business idea is yet to be discovered and implemented. .”

This past week I have had to privilege to continue to learn once again about web business and starting a purely internet based business. While there is so much to say and to talk about in this short time or learning and studying is the idea the best online business idea is yet to be discovered and implemented. This idea gives me the motivation to continue to push the limits of online business while continuing to following the basic online business practices. While I don’t have the next best online business idea I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share to help build your own online business. 

First, the online business makes starting and testing a business almost risk-free. Take Zapatos for example, the founder tested the idea for his business by starting and selling shoes without any inventory. When someone bought shoes he would run down to the local shoe store and buy the shoes they ordered. This was all to prove that it is possible to sell shoes online. This is awesome and an amazing opportunity to have a lean startup. Second, you don’t test away. I knew before you could test business for cheap online but this renewed my desire to test a few business ideas without products to sell, dropship or outsource but just testing it to see if I could sell it, be it through adwords, SEO or any other digital marketing technique. 

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Tommy Doll

CEO and founder of Simp Marketing