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SIMP MARKETING was founded in 2016 by Tommy Doll, a student of Brigham Young University-Idaho. His love for marketing developed at a young age with a series of lemonade stands, a mobile ice cream counter, and a tree fort candy store. This spirit of entrepreneurship led Tommy to revolutionize Fresh Farm Chicken Egg sales by designing a self-service egg box attached to a tree in front of his home. Later, it led to creating and maintaining a Facebook page for the local Thomas Doll founder and owner of Simp Marketing - Web Design and Marketing Specialistsrestaurant where he worked. Whether it’s a small Fresh Eggs sign with an arrow pointing down the road or complex SEO and web pages, Tommy has a passion for innovating and will bring that passion to the work he does for your company.

Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Tommy has brought his enthusiasm and skill for marketing to Rexburg, Idaho with the desire to help businesses, both big and small, while expanding his passion and knowledge for marketing and entrepreneurship by studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Tommy would love to share his knowledge, passion, and skill with you and your business no matter its location he and the team at Simp Marketing can help your local or global company succeed.

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Sprinting to The Start of a Marathon

"Let someone help you in your sprint, so when you launch your idea—be it in Rexburg or Russia—you will have success. Simp Marketing gets you to the start of the marathon without expending all your energy and resources."       I wouldn’t describe myself as a person who...

SIMPly Social

"So why does B2B social media marketing matter? While businesses may not be scrolling Facebook or checking LinkedIn, their owners and employees are."   When was the last time you picked up your phone and opened your Facebook app, scrolled through Linkedin, browsed...

SEO vs. PO

  "There are two essential parts to making your website work, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and second what I call PO (Person Optimization)."   Your website is often the first thing your customers see; it is the image that you portray for your company. Without a...

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