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Divi shortcodes

Giving a new dimension to your Divi Site one section at a time!

Divi Shortcodes is a Divi plugin that allows you to add a shortcode of any Divi module or layout inside another module in the Divi Theme. With this Divi Plugin, you will be given the ability to copy the Divi shortcode and paste it in any module that has a text section. READ MORE…

Simp Divi 404

SIMPlifying your 404 errors down to a simple drop-down menu and a Divi page

Simp Divi 404 plugin allows you to conveniently add any page on your Divi WordPress site as your 404 page. You can build your own or assign any other page, such as your homepage, in the DIVI site to act as your 404 error page. A 404 page is important, especially when people may get lost on your site with a broken or wrong link. READ MORE…

SIMP Keyword Rank Tracker

Are you tired of scrolling through Google or any search engine to check your keyword PageRank? We were so we build this nifty keyword rank tracker plugin.  This WordPress plugin allows you to track the Google PageRank for each WordPress URL for the given keyword. All of this information is compiled in a convenient dashboard that tracks your keyword rank history. READ MORE…

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